Background to the Package

In December 2020 the Government announced a payment package for affected customers who cash settled with Southern Response prior to 1 October 2014. We refer to this package as the "Pre-October 2014 Payment Package" or "Package".

Prior to October 2014, Southern Response did not ordinarily pay professional fees and contingencies for ‘Buy Another House’ or other cash settlement options.

Subsequent court decisions have said those costs should be included in the calculation of the estimated cost to rebuild or repair a dwelling. Based on these decisions, Southern Response commenced paying these costs in cash settlements entered into after October 2014.

The Package aims to address the inequity between customers who cash settled their insurance claims prior to October 2014, compared to those who settled after that date, by making additional payments to eligible customers in the pre-October 2014 group.

The Package has been informed by the Dodds Court of Appeal decision and more information about that Court decision can be found here.

Package Payments

Depending on each individual customer’s circumstances, a payment under the Package may include allowances for:

  • professional fees;
  • contingency; and
  • interest (from date of original cash settlement to date payment is released by Southern Response).

The calculation of a Package payment will depend in part on whether the original cash settlement with Southern Response was an over-cap settlement or an out-of-scope settlement. Definitions for these two types of cash settlement are provided below together with further information about the Package.

Eligibility for the Pre-October 2014 Payment Package

To find out if you may be eligible for the Package and to apply, please follow the link here.

Further information about the Package

  • For information relating to over-cap settlements, please click here
  • For information relating to out-of-scope settlements, please click here

Independent Oversight Committee

The implementation of the Package will be overseen by an Independent Oversight Committee (IOC). To learn more about the IOC, click here

Package Review Process

If you have received a Package offer from Southern Response and have concerns about how it has been calculated, you may request a review of your offer within 20 working days of receiving it. For more information about the Package Review Process, please click here.