The Cantabrian concept home will close at the end of this month and transition into the next phase of becoming a home, after seeing over 4,000 people walk through its doors to gain ideas.

A modern take on the quintessential New Zealand bungalow, The Cantabrian concept home is the vision of Southern Response and Nelson-based architect Richard Sellars.

Born out of a commitment by Southern Response to provide people with a solution for TC3 rebuilds that is not only structurally robust, but also appealing and attainable for the average person, The Cantabrian concept home is the result of a design competition run in association with the New Zealand Institute of Architects in 2013.

Impressed by Richard Sellars’ design, Southern Response translated it into a concept home that all Cantabrians could gain inspiration from at 81 Cranford Street, St Albans, Christchurch. Constructed of lighter weight materials with specifically engineered foundations, the architectural influence has brought a clever and creative use of space and contemporary design.

If you haven’t visited yet, this week is your final opportunity to go along, a place for ideas and inspiration for smarter, safer homes in Canterbury.

The Cantabrian is open each day this week from 12-2pm, with the final day being Saturday 28 February.