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28 September 2020

Southern Response accepts the findings of the Court of Appeal in the case of K. & A. Dodds v Southern Response Earthquake Services Ltd and the Crown’s decision not to appeal that judgment.

Southern Response will be paying the damages awarded to Mr and Mrs Dodds by the Court shortly, and arrangements have already been made to cover their legal costs.

Southern Response’s General Manager, Casey Hurren, said: “We accept the Court of Appeal’s findings and, while we regret that Mr and Mrs Dodds have been in the middle of this, we are pleased that this court decision has provided us with some of the principles on which we will be able to base our response to other affected policyholders.  We are now working closely with the Government to formulate that response in more detail.”

21 October 2019

Southern Response has today confirmed that it will be winding up its in-house claims settlement function by the end of this year, and from that point remaining claims will be handled by EQC acting as Southern Response’s agent.

Southern Response will continue to exist, but with a focus on its ongoing legal, financial and reporting obligations.  This ongoing entity will retain ultimate decision-making responsibilities and will also manage litigation.

12 September 2019

The Crown has today announced that it will appeal the High Court decision of the K. & A. Dodds v Southern Response Earthquake Services Ltd case. 

22 August 2019

Southern Response has now settled over 99 percent of the Canterbury earthquake claims that have come into the business.  We are forecasting that there will be in the vicinity of 250 claims still in progress by the end of this year. 

As we draw closer to full settlement of Canterbury earthquake claims, it is important for Southern Response to plan ahead for the eventual wind-down of this business.  We are working with the Government and other agencies who are involved with Canterbury earthquake claims to consider what this might look like including possible future arrangements for managing the remaining Southern Response claims.  Our focus is on ensuring that there is the enduring and appropriate capability, skillset and capacity to continue to support our customers through their settlement options.

28 February 2019

Southern Response wishes to reassure all of our customers that their claim will not be affected by the news that Arrow International has filed for voluntary administration.

Arrow International is Southern Response’s Canterbury Earthquake Project Partner. We work closely with Arrow staff, who deliver the project management service for our customers, and we do not anticipate any change in that regard.

We will work with the Administrators to ensure we can provide the same service to our clients as we currently are alongside the existing Arrow team, so it is business as usual for us and our customers. We do not anticipate that this will result in any delays or other notable changes for our customers.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.