With over 99 percent of claims settled, as of 2020 Southern Response claims will be managed by EQC. Southern Response will continue to exist, but with a focus on its ongoing legal, financial and reporting obligations. This ongoing entity will retain ultimate decision-making responsibilities and will also manage litigation.

If you want to talk to someone about your claim, please contact your assigned EQC Claims Manager or use the following contact details:

Calling from within New Zealand: 0800 DAMAGE (326 243) | Calling from overseas: +64 4 978 6400

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Fax: +64 4 978 6432 | Mail: PO Box 311, Wellington 6140



Getting help with your claim

In situations as complex as earthquake recovery, there are times when disputes and disagreements over claims may arise. If you have a complaint or require some external support, the following information may be of use:

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint about your Southern Response claim, please refer to the EQC complaints process outlined here. Or you can submit your feedback directly to Southern Response here.

Free external expertise available

If you would like to access some external advice or assistance, there are some free options available to you:

Requesting more information about your claim

Having access to personal information and official information is one of the basic rights of every New Zealander. You can request information about your personal claim by making a Privacy Act request or request other information held by Southern Response by making an Official Information Act request.

Insurance Council Fraud Hotline

The Insurance Council urges Kiwis to help the fight against insurance fraud by reporting anyone they believe is stealing from their insurer by phoning its Fraud Hotline - 0508 FRAUDLINE (0508 372 835). Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime because the cost of insurance cheats is passed directly on to every contents, home and vehicle policyholder - it is estimated $120 each year for each policyholder.

All calls and emails are treated with complete confidentiality. The information is passed on to specialist investigators who follow up the lead in collaboration with the New Zealand Police. For more information please visit the Insurance Council.