ROVER was developed and implemented as part of our ongoing commitment to the repair of your home.

Already it is proving to be of enormous value to the dedicated teams who assess the damage to the foundations of hundreds of homes throughout Canterbury, and to the outcomes for homeowners.


ROVER is a radio controlled, six wheeled, multi-terrain miniature robot fitted with high definition cameras, microphone and LED lighting banks. It allows our team to survey the area beneath houses with suspended timber floors including the concrete perimeters, which previously proved difficult to inspect. Liquefaction and timber bearers that have fallen away from the main foundation support obstruct normal surveying techniques, but ROVER’s diminutive size, manoeuvrability and technical loading is helping our teams get the job done efficiently and effectively. With the accurate, vital information ROVER is able to provide about the extent and nature of foundation damage, our teams are best placed to determine the most suitable solution for repairs. There are a number of ROVERs in daily operation, and our dedicated ROVER teams are working with the repairs project managers not only on survey inspections but also to quality check completed repairs.