Southern Response is holding meetings to update customers on its settlement progress including its repair and rebuild programme.

There will be information and discussion on:

  • Flexibility - house and land options
  • Build to Budget or Replicate to Policy - your Southern Response rebuild options
  • Southern Response's build queues and rebuild progress
  • Cash settlement options
  • Southern Response's TC3 strategy progress - including geotechnical investigations and the process for determining foundation options
  • EQC land compensation
  • Owner retained houses

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions during the meetings and to talk with claims staff afterwards.

The meetings will be held from 2.30-4.30pm and 6.30-8.30pm on Tuesday 12 February 2013. 

For venue details and to reserve your seats, please RSVP by Friday 8 February 2013.  As space is limited, please confirm which meeting and how many will attend when you RSVP.

You can also RSVP by phone on 371 0921.


Thank you to those customers who came along to one of our two customer meetings recently to hear about progress and new initiatives. 

We were pleased to be able to share a lot of new information with you and also to listen to what many of you had to say.  We have taken the two-way exchange very seriously. 

I will be following up on a number of issues that were raised, including a request for greater flexibility around temporary accommodation, reviewing the wording of our build contract, better communications and some issues around the availability of geotech information.  Any developments in these areas will be reported here on the website. 

You can access an unedited video recording of the meeting presentations here.  An extended version of the foundation options video we showed at the customer meetings is now available and can be accessed through this News page on this website. 

We are collating the questions that were asked during the customer meetings and will include them here with our responses as soon as possible. 

We want to see all of our customers back in their repaired or rebuilt homes as quickly as possible and we appreciate the frustration you may feel from the delays.  I am sorry that we cannot satisfy all our customers' expectations. Thank you to those customers who have taken the trouble to share their appreciation for the customer meetings with our staff since then.


Peter Rose

Chief Executive




Published 15 March 2013

I mentioned earlier that we had a number of mainly policy related issues to follow up on after the February customer meetings, including a request for greater flexibility around temporary accommodation, reviewing the wording of our build contract  and some issues around the availability of geotech information, and that we would report back here. 

We are still reviewing some of these issues but wanted to report on progress for those that we have made progress on.


Peter Rose
Chief Executive

When will my home be built? 

We are currently preparing letters to be sent to all customers who have made a formal settlement election to build with Southern Response.  We expect these to be sent out over the next few weeks.  Your letter will indicate the six month window when we expect your build to come to the top of our build queue.  We will contact you during this six month period to start on the design and documentation of your house, followed by the repair or build itself.

Can you be more flexible with the temporary accommodation allowance? 

If you have elected to build with Southern Response and want to purchase a relocatable building, campervan or an additional property to use as your temporary accommodation, you can request a cash settlement of your expected period of temporary accommodation and that period can be agreed with us with some certainty.  This cash settlement may be capped at a percentage of your entitlement because you retain the residual value of the purchased item after you return to your home.  Full evidence of purchase and ownership will be required.

The build contract and MOU are in your favour 

We have reviewed our build contract in light of suggestions that it was weighted in favour of Southern Response.   Concern was also expressed about mention in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (a document provided to you to advise the steps involved in the building process and signed by both parties) that Southern Response only "may" allow escalation. 

We asked our legal advisors to consider whether controls in our building contract were reasonable in the context of our project and whether there were any changes that we could make that would satisfy customer concerns and yet enable us to continue to deliver our builds in an orderly manner.  We also asked them to consider whether we needed to make amendments to or emphasise our MOU. 

The outcomes: 

  • We do not believe that changes are required to the contract.
  • The controls written into the contracts are reasonable in the context of the actions required to recover from such a catastrophe and the terms of the insurance policy.
  • It is important that you see and have explained to you the whole sequence of the process and the context you are involved in.  This indicates the need for greater emphasis on the MOU in the context of the process.  The requirement for Southern Response to consult with customers at different stages of the build process is clearly outlined in the MOU.
  • We have identified some potential areas for clarification in the MOU and will address those. 

Ultimately, a customer who does not want to accept the terms of the current build contract can choose a self-managed build.

What is covered by EQC land settlement payments and what land area will Southern Response address if I assign my EQC land claim to you? 

If your EQC land claim is assigned to Southern Response we will address EQC covered and identified land damage.  EQC cover for land is limited to land within your property boundary and includes: 

  • the land under your home and outbuildings (eg. shed or garage) - this work is required to provide a suitable building platform
  • the land within eight metres of your home and outbuildings - consistent with this area not actually supporting your house
  • the land under or supporting your main accessway, from the boundary up to 60 metres from your home (but not the driveway surfacing) - again, noting that this area is not actually supporting your house.

Southern Response may also do other damage remediation work required on your land at the same time.

Can I have the geotech data that relates to my property? 

If we have any existing geotech information (raw data or reports) relating to your property, we can give you a copy of this.  Our raw drilling data is also uploaded to the Canterbury Geotechnical Database - where it can be accessed by any engineer you (or a future owner of your property) engage.  If we don't already have this material, we can commission it if you are able to sign a settlement preference/election form indicating you intend to build on the original site.  You may have to wait for this information, as our geotechnical engineers prioritise reports on properties where the owners have confirmed they are building with Southern Response (and then based on the order of our build queue). 

There is no charge to you for providing this material, however if you subsequently decide not to build with Southern Response, we reserve the right to deduct the cost of preparing any geotechnical material produced at your request from your final settlement. 

Please be aware that any geotechnical information produced for Southern Response is prepared for our use only.  You are able to use the information, but there is no professional indemnification attached to it once it leaves our hands. 

If you decide to commission your own geotech report, please talk to us before you do this.  We will only refund the cost of a geotech report if you are building with us and if the report you commission meets our technical requirements.