Our library contains copies of useful documents for your reference.

pdfAMI Advanced Contents Policy
pdfAMI Farm Policy
pdfAMI Lifestyle Block Policy
pdfAMI Market Value House Policy
pdfAMI Market Value Rental Property Policy
pdfAMI Premier Contents Policy
pdfAMI Premier House Policy
pdfAMI Premier Rental Property Policy
pdfAMI Standard Contents  Policy
pdfAnnual Meeting Presentation 2014
pdfAnnual Report 2012
pdfAnnual Report 2013
pdfAnnual Report 2014
pdfAnnual Report 2015
pdfAnnual Report 2016
pdfArchaeology Factsheet
pdfArchitecturally designed homes factsheet
pdfAs new fact sheet
pdfAssessment of previous damage factsheet
pdfClaim Liabilities, March 2017
pdfClaim Settlement Guide
pdfContract Works Policy Document
pdfDisputes Resolution Review (summary)
pdfDisputes Resolution Review (full report)
pdfEngineered resin lift fact sheet
pdfEQC - Southern Response MOU
pdfFinancial Statements 2013
pdfFinancial Statements 2014
pdfFinancial Statements 2015
pdfInterim report, December 2012
pdfMechanical lift fact sheet
pdfOfficial Information Policy (effective from 1st of July)
pdfPacking house piles fact sheet
pdfPractical Completion Flyer
pdfPrivacy Policy (effective from 1st of July)
pdfRebuild completion - moving back in - factsheet
pdfRepairing your concrete foundation fact sheet
pdfRepairing your concrete floor - internal slab cutout and replacement factsheet
pdfRepairing your concrete floor - slab crack repair - factsheet
pdfRepairing your concrete perimeter foundation - Applying a topping
pdfReplacing your timber floor house piles - factsheet Shared Property
pdfStatement of intent, June 2013
pdfStatement of intent, June 2014
pdfStatement of intent, June 2015
pdfStatement of intent, July 2017
pdfStatement of performance expectations, June 2014
pdfStatement of performance expectations June 2018